Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lick My Boots!

I've always loved shoes and boots, but moreso I've always love having a groveling little subbie just beg to lick my shoes or boots. Even on the most mudane day, you'll catch me wearing sexy high heels or high heeled boots. I love how they feel, how they make my legs and ass look, but I also love how they are magnets for little perverted beggers. 

Shoving the tip of my shoe into the mouth of a little beggar man gets my pussy all wet. Seeing my shoes being polished by the tongue of a foot and shoe slave makes me even wetter.

Why don't you, Mr. Foot and Shoe Fetishist, give me a call. If you're lucky I'll let you lick my boots!


All calls discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Calls from USA & Canada $1.99 per minute with $2.50 connection fee
International calls $2.99 per minute with $2.00 connection fee