Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Get A Head Start, Slaves!

I've been thinking what I want for Christmas this year, a lot, and along with all the stuff I have on my Amazon wishlist, I want more than anyting to have a few spanking new slaves!

New for me to mold into who I want them to be.

New slaves for me to mold into who they need me to mold them into.

New slaves who are at my beck and call, who know that they need to call Madame Hailey the moment they lay down and the moment they lie down.

The thing is, I am not waiting for Christmas. No, I am starting right now!

Did you know that I am talking to you? You didn't? Well I am. It's you who needs to fall into the glorious world that is submission to me, Madame Hailey.

Starting NOW!  1 888 938 7382

1.99 a min US & CA, 2.50 International
All discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Other information on the right side of this blog

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sensory Depravation

I have a lovely home, but the real fun is located in my basement which I have outfitted into a wonderful dungeon! When I moved in, it just seemed to be, well so obvious, the place where I was going to make my own private lair. In previous home I had set up in extra bedrooms, but I always yearned for more space to spread out and to acquire more equipment.

So now I have not only a dungeon, but a large space for suspsensions, a medical room and my current favorite, a sensory deprivaton room!

The sensory deprivation room has been made to be completely soundproof by a former slave who also happened to work in a music studio. I can adjust and control the temperature from a dial outside of the door. There appears to be no light but if I want, I can make it go from pitch black to the most obnoxious strobe light ever. Often, when I put someone in that room, I'll put restraint them complete with leather mittens so they can't even feel anything.

Needless to say a trip to the sensory deprivation room can be equally terrifying and erotic. Imagine being in there all alone, gagged, wanting to yell out to be released, yet, I can't hear you. Or can I?

Madame Hailey

1 888 938 7382

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Let Me Take You Down

Into sub-space.
Not talking science fiction here, but sub-space in regardess to the blissed out place where a submissive finds him or herself after engaging in a BDSM scene.

You can get there from phsyical pain,when all your endorphins are shooting through your body like rockets. You can get there just by being all tied up or humilated, your mind takes you to another plane, a plane where you have fully transfered your powers to your Dominant. It is better than any illegal drugs, it can be sexy, it can leave you engergized, and it most definitley will make you realize the extent of your submission.

Let yourself go, free, into my capable hands and experience the beauty and pleasure of going into a far away place that exists within your own body and soul.

It is gorgeous.

Trust Me.

Madame Hailey

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spanking on The Screen Part 1

Hands down, pun intended, my most common request is spanking. It sort of spanks the realm of all fetishes everyone from my little ABDL customers to my basic subs love a good spanking!

What some of you may or may not know is that I am a huge movie and pop culture buff, and nothing brings a smile to my face when a little subversive behavior gets some airtime.

Below is a clip from one of my favorite BDSM related movies, the dark-comedy "Secretary." If any movie shows the beauty and the need to submit, this movie does

Want to sumbit?

Call me!
Madame Hailey

Monday, November 16, 2009

HypnoDomme Strikes Again Part 2

A submissive of mine of mine, a "Little Girl," aka "LG" that is one who not only cross dresses into cute little girl outfits, but has the persona of a young girl had a very interesting hypnotism request a week ago.
She wanted to be hypnotized to wet her bed.

Now think about all the mental and parent training that goes into get a child to not bedwet, I knew this might be a tricky case.

In addition to her bedwetting hypno request, there was a desire, a need for her to be punished for being a very naughty girl, a naughty girl who rests in her bed.

I am happy to report that after two, back to back  phone hypnotisim sessions,  my Little Girl found herself not only waking up in a warm pool of her own pee, but continuing on to inflict pushiment upon herself for being such a bad little bed wetter.

Here is an email I received from her today:
Hi Miss Hailey!

It worked!  I woke up wet this morning, and did not remember doing it during the night.

I gave myself a spanking and stood in the corner for 30 minutes. Do you know how HARD it is to stand in the corner for 30 minutes?? I didn't hardly feel the spanking through all that diaper padding though...

I crawled to the bathroom and cleaned up and then crawled to the kitchen for a bottle of juice. Didn't stand up at all til I was in the kitchen.

I took my temperature in my bottom.  It was 98.5. Guess that is normal.

I was also thinking maybe I can score a high chair I could fit in easily, and I could start sitting in it every morning to have a bowl of oatmeal and a baby bottle of juice, before I change my diaper.

Miss Hailey's Little Girl
As a hypnodomme, I was elated to read her report, elated because I could share some proof with those of you have contancted me iof late nquiring about "how can you hypnotize someone over the phone."

Well, haters, doubters, here's proof.

Have something erotic, twisted, dark, that you like to be hypnotized to do? Then definitely give me, Madame Hailey (she has permission to call me 'Miss", not you!), a call


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gobble This

Look my little gobblers, I have a very special Spanks-giving treat for you! You can call yours truly, Madame Hailey from the US and Canada for $1.79 a minute through Thanksgiving 2009. As always, discreetly billed at "madison enterprise." 1-888-938-7382

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Of Toys and Trinkets

This evening I had the misfortune of meeting the most idiotic wanker of all time.

A total wannabe sub with a fixation on America's favorite beauty Barbie. Yes, you read that right.  Let it be known that he was not a sissy who collects and plays with Barbies, that would not be an issue. In fact, one of my best sissies has a lovely doll collection, including some vintage Barbies.

As for this wanker, oh my, was he a pathetic soul! He apparently was just dying for his wife to "tell me what to do," but she was a fat ass who had no interest in anything other than a bucket of chicken. From what I gather she was so obsese she couldn't even reach to pleasure herself, much less muster the energy to order anything other than a pizza.

So wanker man spills his little beans to me, since he can't get big momma to be his Domme and he had yet to find yours truly, he acted out his fantasys with his daughter's Barbie and Ken dolls.

I do not lie.

He went on to tell me how he constructed a little dungeon for Barbie. Barbie would lure in Ken and his other look-a-like pals and whip them into submission. Wanker even made a little strap-on for Babs out of a piece of leather from an old belt and some molding clay. Sad, but true.

Wanker, thankfully found me, and I promptly instructed him to rip off Barbie's head and well, as for Ken, he's now deep inside wanker's asshole.

Would you like to play Barbies with me?

1 888 938 7382

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick & Dirty

CALL FOR MADAME HAILEY, Tell them you saw special on my blog

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just Read IT!

Femdom Madame Hailey IS the Divine Phone Domme! -

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Dicklette

A repost from another one of my sites because this is a very special letter:

A little beggar subbie of mine, Dicklette, sent me this the other day. I told him not only would I share it with him, but I’d continue to make his life a living hell!
Why won’t you let me hear you cum Hailey?
You’ve heard me cum so many times - why won’t you give me the pleasure of hearing your orgasm? Is it a power thing?
I know you have cum during our last three sessions Hailey.
I know you came when you forced me to lie on my back and swallow your double-headed dildo. You straddled me and I had the pleasure of gazing up at both your holes as you fucked my face. You shamelessly played with your clit, inches above my mouth. As you came, I hungrily awaited my reward as your juices ran down the dildo and onto my lips.
But you did not make a sound Hailey.
 I know you came when you forced me to my knees in front of you and invited me to lick your boyfriend’s cum from your pussy. You knew I could resist the chance to taste you. And I saw the evil look on your face as you released his semen into my mouth. I know you came as you grinded your pussy into my hungry face and told me I would somebody take his cum from the source. I relished as the wave of your soaking orgasm washed away the semen in my mouth.
But still you were silent Hailey.

Finally, I know you came as you savagley fucked me with your most cruel strapon dildo. When you popped my anal cherry last week you were firm but merciful; but last night you let go, pushing your 9-incher through my rectum and into my bowels. I felt the huge head of the cock against my tailbone, and I felt your fingernails rip into the skin of my back as you came, violently pounding my ass.

But still not a sound from you.

Hailey, I need to hear you cum. You can shame me, rape me or crush my balls. But please let me hear your orgasm.

Please Hailey. 
love, dicklette
What a little groveling bitch! I can’t lie, all his begging gets my pussy a tad moist. I’ll let him hear when I decide it is time to hear. Beggars can be chosers! 
I bet your begging will do the same.

1 888 430 2010

All calls discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Calls from USA & Canada $1.99 per minute with $2.50 connection fee
International calls $2.99 per minute with $2.00 connection fee

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Ooh I just love this spooky time of year, don't you?

Nothing amuses me more to see people dressed up as FAKE dommes and are completely clueless as to what it means to be a domina. They don't know BDSM from LMNOP. They along with the hoardes of people dressed up as slutty this and slutty that are the biggest bunch of posers. Absolutely nauseating. I hate liars, fakes, phonies and posers.

You want to be REALLY DOMINATED?

Then call me 1 888  938 7382, or just find yourself some dumbass who thinks "whips & chains" is a sexy idea for Halloween-only!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mr. Crackhead Minivan or the Sad Story of a Wasted Sub

So for a week this suburban crackhead has been saying he was going to call yours truly for a session.

Yea, right.

Well he started to one night, this I know, but the dude was too loaded to dial. Seriously, he had apparently drowned his miserable self a bath of Jack Daniels and powdered himself afterwards with a couple of grams of shitty, speed-cut blow.

"Madame Hailey, I'm trying..." he blabbered along with other bullshit. Then our chat session went dead, I moved on to some more worthy worms.

The next day I received a message with Mr.Crackhead Minvan not only begging my forgiveness, but telling me this huge sob story about his wife walking in. That he was a family man gone awry.

 Insert violin music.

I don't like those who grovel. I also don't like liars. And if anyone is going to be that intoxicated it is because I force it upon them!

"How can I make it up to you?" he pestered me all day long. Bor-ING!

Well I won't bore you with what happened in the interim, but he did make it up to me. Just a little bit.

He called me, number one. And let me tell you he got humilated beyond belief. This time, he wasn't getting hammered on his own. No, we had a forced intox session from hell and let's just say his wife came home to find him not only in pool of his own vomit, but with her panties in his mouth and a dildo in his ass. As she screamed at him, he told her that he was "Madame Hailey's little Ass Fag."

Word on the street was that his wife was so turned on to see her husband finally fess up to his pathetic ways that she right then and there hiked up her skirt and pissed all over his sad face and locked him away for the rest of the weekend.

How do I know this, because Mr. Crackhead Minivan IS my ASS FAG. He has not fully reedemed himself for being a liar, but he did manage to find his way to my gift list that's listed here on my blog and being so indecisive, he sent me a Amazon Gift card.

It's a start.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Listen Up Numb Nuts!

Some of you submissive types have heads that are chock full of, well, shit.

Shit you saw on the scratched up DVD you wank off to nightly, shit that perhaps you read in some lousy Gorean novel or other wizardy type of shit.  This is real domination fellas, not the muddled up crap that is holding your little nugget of a brain together.

Let's get this straight:

Until I actually even speak to you, until I even deem you worthy, you are not TO CALL ME: Mistress, Queen, Goddess, or the one that makes me puke in my mouth, "M'Lady."

You are to call me "Madame Hailey." Period. I already know that I am a queen, a goddess, a gift to the world. If I find that you are a sub that might be worthy of my time, then I will give you instructions as to what I want you to call me.

I have more to discuss with you pathetic wannabes, but that will be on the phone!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sissy Thug

Here's the car I make my sissy slave drive around in. And to make it more painful, I sometimes make him wear his regular grown-up clothes, not his sissy gear, and drive to church. BUT, actually it was most amusing when I made him drive this car through the worst part of the town where I live, in full on sissy-wear. He was wearing a pink girly dress with a pinefore, white socks with ruffles, and white mary janes. He had a Nellie Olson looking wig on and big rosey cheeks.

Let's just say when  sissy got to one intersection that is popular with the drug dealers and street ho's they had a fucking riot teasing him. In fact, one of the guys got so excited, they pulled this sissy out of the car--she was too dumb to lock it, and gave her the ride of her life!

She was there in the middle of the hood, with sucking a giant black cock all dressed up like a little bitty girl slammed against her Hello Kitty car.  All I know is what she told me, but let's just say she came home a hot mess with a stomach full of cum and her asshole was tore up.


1 888 938 7382

More Juicy Smut!

Busy week for your sexy phone domme Madame Hailey, and here's some homework for you:

  1. Check out my little story about figging RIGHT HERE! Wouldn't you just love to be on the receiving end of that! I know you would. 1.888. 938.7382
  2. I made another pretty site with some lovely photos and a slideshow of my sexy ass. LOOK!
  3. Have had some wonderful sessions this week, including a  two domme scene with a divine sissy who took the time to construct a little make-shift man to assfuck! Now that's dedication!
  4. And oh yes, my favorite, I hypnostized a cute LG to not only pee herself, but to cry! I love tears, I do!
I'm sure there is more, but anyway, you wouldn't have read this far if you weren't fantasizing about me getting cruel on your ass, perhaps slapping you around, hooking one of my long-red fingernails into your filthy asshole, shoving your face into a dog bowl full of hot piss, or hmmm, making you worship my gorgeous little toes.

So Mr. Cuntbreath, that's you by the way, yes you the person reading this. CALL ME!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dark, Cute, Innocent and Twisted.

"What do you like Madame Hailey?" I get asked way too often. What do I like? I like those who are willing to let themselves go, to relinquish their power, and to ultimately let me control their pleasure and pain.

But there are other things I like, and I will share them with you from time to time. Some sexual, some not. Just because I am a phone domme does not mean I am one-dimensional. Quite the contrary. Any domme worth her salt is well-rounded, worldly, and even well-humored.

So what do I like? Besides a nice, big, hard cock. I like art.

Subversive art, modern surrealists, and those that are very pop culture influenced. One of my current favorite artists is Trevor Brown. He does some naughty twists on dollies, little girls, and storybook heroines.

Here's his main page.

The other is Mark Ryden. His paintings just get to me.  Like Browns',  there is a sense of twisted innocense.

I think some of my Adult Babies and Little Girls will adore both these painters. As well, you little ones are both cute and sometimes dark.

Back to business--you little subs, slaves, kinky fuckers, the curious, the horny, do call me. NOW!

Ask for Madame Hailey
1 888 938-7382

(painting by m.ryden)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Erotic Hypnosis

Let your self relax.

Let my sweet, sultry voice guide you into the deepest, darkest recesses of your filthy, perverted mind.

What will I implant into your brain while you are under? Only I will know. Perhaps a trigger word to orgasm when you least expect it. Or maybe you'll be made to do something utterly humilating upon hearing a special certain sound.

You'll never know, or will you. There is only one way to find out my darlings.

Call Madame Hailey

All calls discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Calls from USA & Canada $1.99 per minute with $2.50 connection fee
International calls $2.99 per minute with $2.00 connection fee

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Good Little Pissy Sissy!

I've had the pleasure of being entertained by some lovely sissies this past week. One thing I can say about sissies is they are usually very compliant and eager to please, unlike your regular run-of-the mill disobedient submissive.

One of the sissies who I shall for the sake of anonymity will call "Z" did a call with me and a fellow Domme, and we watched all the action on web cam. I can't go into all the dirty details, but let's just say that "Z" had the best half hour of his life. He had everything ready as requested--his toys, a champagne glass, and a hairbrush. Also, our good little sissy faggot was all dressed up in a wig, slip, and panties. First he gave us a little show, swishing around his, I must say, very ripped body and a big clitty! We had him drink his own piss in a champagne flute, spank his ass and balls with a hairbrush, probe his asshole with a buttplug and suck on it, stick another huge dong in his used up asshole, and the grand finale was watching Z flip his sissyass body over so he could shoot his load right into his mouth!

So my sissy readers, wouldn't you love to give me a show? I think you would.

1.888.938.7382 ask for Madame Hailey and say you read about me here!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Forced Bi

There are so many guys out there who are just dying to get nailed in the ass. They crave cock, but they're too big of a pussy to really go out and be the bottom they really are. So that's where I come in.

I take the wannabe cum-guzzler and FORCE them into the bisexual situation they just NEED to be in.
I might make them suck cock, or several cocks. Sometimes, I might make them give up their asshole to a guy with a giant shlong or a whole posse of black dudes with horse sized cocks. Whatever the situation it is, I will ensure that the closeted bi-boy will get what he needs. That might be a mouth full of cum, a stretched out asshole or both.

So you closet fag, call me and tell me how much you are just dying to get your faced fucked and ass pounded.

1 888 938-7382

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dirty Secrets Slumber Party!

Tonight, myself and several of my fellow femme domme babes and sexy bitches are having a hot slumber party and YOU kinky bastards are invited! All you need to bring is your submissive ass and an open mind. Of course the desire to want to come mingle and chat with loads of dominant women! No Taboos at this slumber party!

So Thursday Night,  October 1st, 2009 come visit us in our chat room  from 8pm to 4am Eastern Standard Time. Not only will you get to chat with us, but we will have special rates just for all our sexy guest to talk to myself and the other dirty dommes. All callers who join our slumber party in the chat room get the AWESOME rate of just $1.69 per minute during slumber party hours! Just call 1.888.938.7382 and give our sexy dispatcher your chatroom screen name during the slumber party hours to get the discounted rate!

Come alone, or bring a friend. Whatever you do, just cum!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lick My Boots!

I've always loved shoes and boots, but moreso I've always love having a groveling little subbie just beg to lick my shoes or boots. Even on the most mudane day, you'll catch me wearing sexy high heels or high heeled boots. I love how they feel, how they make my legs and ass look, but I also love how they are magnets for little perverted beggers. 

Shoving the tip of my shoe into the mouth of a little beggar man gets my pussy all wet. Seeing my shoes being polished by the tongue of a foot and shoe slave makes me even wetter.

Why don't you, Mr. Foot and Shoe Fetishist, give me a call. If you're lucky I'll let you lick my boots!


All calls discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Calls from USA & Canada $1.99 per minute with $2.50 connection fee
International calls $2.99 per minute with $2.00 connection fee

Sunday, September 27, 2009

What a Drag...

We all love at one thing that is not good for us. Don't lie, you know you do. For me, that love is smoking and second to that love are smoking fetishists.

Nothing makes me more happy to have a smoking fetishist call me up and have me light a cigarette for them, listen to me inhale and exhale, as I lift the cigarette to my pouty mouth. Sometimes my smoke loving subs enjoy being an astray, and well, what more can a girl want? I happily flick my ashes on their sorry faces and blow my smoke up their nose.

Let me smoke for you!


All calls discreetly billed as Madison Enterprise
Calls from USA & Canada $1.99 per minute with $2.50 connection fee
International calls $2.99 per minute with $2.00 connection fee

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Favorite Toy Part 1

One can be a domme, dominatrix, mistress, or whatever moniker you'd like to call a dominant female without any equipment. Equipped with a dominant personality and a desire to bring others to their knees, well that is all you really need.  Sure a stern voice and a deft hand can be an asset, but that is not as fun as all the accouterments one can buy to really make a scene hot! Plus, being a woman I have shopping built into my DNA!

So, along the way, I've bought and been gifted some wonderful floggers, whips, canes, clamps and other implements of pain.

But you know what guys, you know what my all time favorite implement of pain and pleasure truly is?  My mouth.

My pretty pink lips can lash out the cruelest insults, the evilest verbal lashings, and the most hardcore of mind fucks. But my sweet, soft lips can also kiss you deeply and passionately, slide their way down the shaft of you hard cock, and whisper kind words after a rough session.

Call me and find out exactly what I mean!

Madame Hailey